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Benefits of Bulk Blog Posts

When you aren't writing your blog posts yourself, chances are you don't want to spend several dollars on each one. However, when you ask a writer for only one or two blog posts on a particular topic, they have to research this topic so they generally ask for more money per post. It does take time to research, write and edit these articles and you are paying them for that time. You can prevent this larger bill from happening by checking out the web content writers that offer discounts for bulk purchases. There are a few benefits to buying blog posts in bulk.
With web content writers, even the professional writers, when you order more blog posts, you get larger discounts. There is a cap to the discounts but you can stand to save a lot of money by doing this. Some writers will adjust their pricing according to the number of articles whereas others will adjust according to the word count. In either case, you can save up to 40% or more on the original price.
Also, when you have a lot of posts already to submit, you don't have to wait to post. You can submit the articles whenever you wish to without waiting on the writer. There are times when you want to post more articles because of lagging readership or other reasons and you can do this at any point because you already have the articles. At the time when you only have a few blog posts left, you can then order another bulk batch of these posts, thus saving money once again and making it more convenient.
Being stressed out about having enough blog posts or spending too much money on them is not something that you need when you are running a business. You have many other things to be doing and being stressed out about blogs takes away from your time and energy, which affects your overall efficiency level.
Saving money and being able to submit the blog posts whenever you want is very practical and convenient. When you can do this without the stress then it is even better. If you have a number of blogs or even just one blog that you submit posts often, you might want to consider buying your posts in bulk. You tend to use up blogs faster when you maintain your blog properly and in this manner you never really have to be concerned about it.

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Blogging In The Shower

Some people sing in the shower but I do my best writing and blogging in the shower. Of course the paper does gets a little wet.
Last night while meeting with a group of social media enthusiasts, the question came up about what do you write. This isn't the first time I've heard this. In fact I could probably retire if I had a dollar every time I heard it. But the truth is so many "experts" write about, or speak about the importance of writing blogs, articles, or e-zines. The cold hard facts are this: most business owners aren't writers.
If you look up business owner in the dictionary I'm pretty sure the definition says a person that works 12 hours a day, seven days a week. So the thought of creating a regular routine of writing for a blog or website doesn't conjure up good thoughts. Where is the time going to come from? What am I going to say? And who's going to read it?
Assuming you can block off an hour or so a week to write your blog, does that mean you're going to have the light bulb go off with an insightful or witty idea? That's where my shower moment comes in. Your moment might be driving to an appointment, or working out at the gym or just before going to sleep. So the key is to jot a note down that will remind you when you're ready to write.
Here are a few other ideas to help you build your content library.
  • As you read newsletters and trade journals in your industry, watch for ideas that your customers or clients would find interesting or helpful. Either save the article or jot down the main points so during your writing time you can re-spin this article with your take on it. A word of caution: don't just reprint the article. While people might find this information helpful it's not your information so you're not getting credit for being the expert.
  • Think about 10 frequently asked questions about your business. That's a natural choice for articles.
  • What are 10 things you wish your customers knew or would do.
  • How to tips - if you're in a service related business give your reader ideas how they can save money, save time, improve product life or any number of helpful hints.
  • Be a resource - in my case, since my readers are interested in online marketing, it stands to reason they would probably be interested in tips on keeping their computer running from an expert in my network. While I am not the originator of the content, I'm the one that gets the thanks for passing that information on.
  • Use a guest blogger - along the same lines as the idea above, inviting a guest expert to contribute is a good way to keep the volume of valuable information flowing through your site. Plus it's a good way to expand your reach into your guests network.
So until they make waterproof paper that works in the shower keep a regular note pad handy or your smart phone. For smart phone users you might try Evernote. This app will let you write or voice record your ideas for you to later retrieve from your computer or phone when you're ready.

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Blogs Boost Your SEO Rankings

Be part of the online community now. Meet a lot of potential markets and gain enough information to add to your body of knowledge. Search engine optimization will surely be utilized well if you learn how to make these two (together with the blog) work together harmoniously.

Now that we are getting closer to the gist of the article, focus on all that is written here and get a grasp of what you should prioritize. So if you ask yourself "what then are the strategies that are implemented by marketing personnel to maximize the use of their blogs," you'll know the answer by now.

Before, there were only the ordinary people who sought for refuge in online journals. Then, when the competition for users began emerging persistently, free blogs began sprouting to accommodate millions of online users who are joining the bandwagon. Thus, blogs take up a good percentage of the internet as of late, especially since there are more creative ways with which people can publish and present their posts.

· Themes - Every person has a character that is distinct to him or her, judging from all the elements that work together to make up one's appeal. It is important that people, especially strangers, can easily tell what your blog is trying to convey. How so? By customizing your theme to fit your purpose. For example, if you are a lover of beauty products, you might want to use graphics that reflects such interest.

Once you have grasped the essence of all these subtopics discussed to you, you can easily manage your own, if you are a first timer. Remember that the task doesn't stop there. The surface which is represented by the look and feel of your blog is as important as the content. With your write ups, you should make sure that they stick to the mandate, meaning, they should bring with them the purpose of your site.

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